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If you are experiencing a challenging time in your life, or the life of your child. We are a growing family of multicultural, multidisciplinary mental health professionals that will provide the highest quality of care for you and your family.We are here to support you during these difficult times and always. We love the accessibility that teletherapy service creates and offer virtual therapy sessions to support you, wherever you are. In addition, outdoor sessions and play therapy sessions with children have been designed to provide safe and in person support in local areas. 

who we Serve

Teen Prayer Group

Group therapy is an effective form of psychotherapy that allows individuals to come together and share their stories while receiving the support and understanding in a therapeutic environment.



Statistics reveal that one in five people are affected by mental illness. It has become a priority around the world to spread awareness about mental health and professionals are speaking up to educate the public on important mental health and wellness issues. Our presenters tackle difficult topics such as  

  • Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences 

  • Racial Disparities

  • Trauma Sensitive Home/Workplace 

  • Community Mental Health Outreach

  • Retreat Workshops

Female Speaker

Clinical Consultation

Discussion With Two People

Clinical consultation is distinct from therapy. It improves therapeutic technique, touches on personal reactions, and perspectives, as well as builds an awareness of how you are functioning in the therapist-client dyad. When you commit to ongoing clinical consultation, you gain fresh ideas on your therapeutic technique as well as beliefs about self and concerns with the family of origin.  

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” 

- Plato 

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