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Why CGL?


CGL Wellness Group, LLC was founded on the pillars of Courage, Grace and Love, as a comprehensive private practice offering mental health and wellness services that encourage both behavior and lifestyle modifications. 

Why should you chose CGL? 

It takes Courage to take that first step towards improving your health and wellness. At CGL we will help you to find the Courage you need to grow in Grace and to learn in Love. We know how difficult the obstacles in life can be. You don't have to suffer alone, we will work with you to heal and maintain the strong physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing you deserve.

Our growing practice is comprised of compassionate individuals that have experience in treating children, adolescents, adults, couples and groups. We aim to develop healthy therapeutic relationships and provide clinical support that is instrumental in the growth of our clients and our clinical team. The "off the couch program" was birthed from the need for individuals to get outdoors during the covid 19 pandemic. However, it now serves as a holistic method that involves intentional therapeutic interventions and activities in nature and with animals. Our ecotherapy program is not just about being outdoors, it is a structured modality that involves specific interactions to reach your goals and promote healing. 


Our founder, Rebekka L. Hughes, LPC, NCC, CCTP is a Michigan native, mom of of three boys, marine corps veteran, christian counselor, play therapist, and a certified trauma specialist that helps organizations and families become trauma sensitive, increase emotional intelligence and understand how to become healing centered. Ms. Rebekka formed the practice during her own recovery on her own Courage, Grace and Love as elements in which we embrace during our journey to healing and in dedication to her children Carter, Grayson, and Liam (CGL).  



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